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Kim OBO was selected as a robot breeding enterprise in Guangdong.

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  In order to implement Made in China 2025 and Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2015-2025) and cultivate a number of robotic enterprises with independent brands to become bigger and stronger, Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Committee organized the selection of robotic backbone enterprises in Guangdong Province, focusing on the cultivation of independent innovation capability. Robot R&D and manufacturing enterprises with strong and mastery of key technologies, good product market prospects, and strong industrial driving role, as well as R&D and production of key robot parts and systems integration service enterprises. On May 29, 2018, the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Committee announced the list of the third batch of robot backbone enterprises in Guangdong Province. Shenzhen Jinaobo Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Guangdong Robot Cultivation Enterprise".was selected as a robot cultivation enterprise in Guangdong Province, reflecting the company's management norms, enterprise size, operating performance, industry status, innovation ability, profitability and product market to meet the selection requirements, is the embodiment of the robot equipment of Jin'aobo to obtain industry and market recognition, also confirmed the Jin'ao. Bo has made some progress in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

   We will continue to reduce the number of personnel in dangerous workplaces, improve the safety level of production lines, and study and develop automated logistics equipment such as civil explosive loading and unloading robots, so as to further reduce the number of personnel in dangerous workplaces and improve the safety level of production lines. In response to the call for the implementation of intelligent manufacturing engineering, through the implementation of product intelligent production line demonstration project and the development of industrial robots and integrated application research, Jin Aubo has developed "MGEPL-R robot industrial explosive intelligent automatic packaging equipment and technology" and "JWL-LZ Robot new crawler loading and unloading robot system". It has passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has been put into the market. It has been recognized by many customers in the civil explosion industry, and the market feedback is good.

  As a leading enterprise in the research, design and manufacture of civil explosive intelligent equipment, Jinaobo adheres to the development strategy of "innovation is the gold, financial intelligence of many countries" to promote the level of intelligent automation of civil explosive industry to a new level. The company will strengthen the construction of the talent team in the field of industrial robots, continuously increase investment in research and development, enhance the ability of independent innovation, constantly strengthen the competitiveness of the industry and market position of the company, build into a complete system, effective operation, scientific management and good efficiency of enterprises, to create a competitive backbone of robots enterprises. Strive to enter the ranks of robot industry.